Thursday, 7 July 2016

Big Ted is worried

Big Ted is worried. There is a lot of activity going on. THINGS are being put into boxes ... allsorts of things... clothes, books, bedding, shoes, EVERYTHING... except BIG TED.. Big Ted is more than worried, he has heard his owners talking about The Motorhome, Big Ted does not know what The Motorhome is, but his owners are going away in it on a Long Trip. Some of the boxes are going in The Motorhome and some of the boxes are going to Michelle's. Big Ted knows Michelle, she is the owner of Sophie and William, Big Ted loves Sophie and William very much, very much indeed. But Big Ted does not want to go in a box. Big Ted wants to go on a Long Trip in The Motorhome. Big Ted has a Plan, Big Ted will pack his own box and go with them.... whether his owners know it or not........

Big Ted aged 54

Big Ted put all his possessions in his back pack (a furbrush and a torch) and he waited until his owners were not looking and he crept out of the house and into the back of the car where all The Motorhome boxes were being stowed, nobody saw him! nobody heard him! He quite liked being where he was, he wondered if this was The Motorhome, it smelt of Saxon, the big hairy thing that wasn't quite a bear, he lived in the same house as Big Ted. 

Room for a little one?

Soon he saw his owners taking boxes out again and putting them into something VERY big.... this must be The Motorhome, Big Ted thought, so he very carefully climbed out, and waited until no-one was looking and quickly went up the steps and looked for somewhere to hide.

Big steps for a little Big Ted

He found a lovely comfy bed, so he crawled under the cover and pulled the bedspread over his head and waited......

Now you see me...

Soon you won't - wake me up when
the adventure begins!