Thursday, 15 September 2016

Big Ted discovers his Nautical side.

Big Ted never knew there was so much to learn, in the last few weeks he has discovered cars, countries, places, motorhomes, and now SHIPS !!! well, that is a bit of an exaggeration really, he has been on a FERRY... not just any ferry, but a P&O ferry across the English Channel! Poor Saxon, the hairy, not quite a bear thing had to stay in the motorhome, but Big Ted was invited to go to the Club Lounge with his owners, Big Ted was very excited.... VERY excited indeed!

Once the SHIP ( so much grander sounding than a ferry!) left Dover, Big Ted was allowed to go outside on the deck - Big Ted was learning a whole load of new words too! He looked through the telescope and waved goodbye to England and shouted ' See you in March' he hoped Sophie and William heard him, he did shout in his loudest bear growl.

Bye Bye England, see you in March!

It was a bit blowy out on the deck so Big Ted went back inside for a cup of tea and a marmite sandwich. A very colourfully dressed man called Alex bought his breakfast, and he told Big Ted that the Captain of the ship had heard all about Ted's Adventure, and she would like to meet him! Big Ted was surprised that the Captain was allowed come to the Club Lounge, who would drive the ship? He was was even more surprised when Alex said that The Captain had invited Big Ted up to 'The Bridge' to meet her! Apparently 'The Bridge' is where The Captain drives the Ship, and you have to be very important to be allowed up there! Big Ted smoothed his fur and made sure he looked his very best ( even with his poorly paw) and off he went with Alex.

Alex, Captain Louise and Big Ted
Captain Louise lets Big Ted steer! 
Captain Louise Steer was very pretty, Big Ted was all tongue tied and didn't know what to say! She told Big Ted that he was a very handsome bear (for his age) and she wanted a few photos taken with him, Big Ted didn't mind, he put his best paw forward! and stole a cuddle or two! Captain Louise even let him steer the ship for a while too, Big Ted enjoyed that very much, he didn't mention that he thought you drove a ship, like you drove a car! 

All too soon Big Ted had to go back to his owners as they were going to be docking in France, and he had MORE friends to make, and MORE adventures to discover... he hoped they involve ships.. he likes them, very much... VERY much indeed !!!

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