Saturday, 3 September 2016

Big Ted is Rumbled!

Big Ted was quite comfortable in his hiding place in The Motorhome, he was warm and dry, and he had found some VERY interesting reading material...... MAPS!! Big Ted knew all about maps, they showed you PLACES.... Big TED was not quite sure what places were, but he did know that some places were warm and some were cold. He also knew that his owners were going to take Sophie and William to some FUN places on holiday. Big Ted wanted to go to FUN places too, he wanted.. but wait!! what was that noise.... OH NO !!! someone was coming.. OH HECK no time to hide..


Everyone was surprised to see Big Ted in The Motorhome. and Big Ted was delighted to find that no-one was angry with him for stowing away, he was going on an adventure too!

Big Ted discovered that The Motorhome was like a huge car with really comfy sofas, a kitchen, a shower AND two huge beds in it, it was like a house on wheels! Big Ted loved looking out of the window and watching the scenery go by. He was looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.

The first place Big Ted visited was a huge surprise to him, it was a whole new COUNTRY !! Well... he was only just over the border at Carter Bar... Big Ted did not expect that, not without going on a boat, or a plane, he was surprised, because it just happened while driving along the road, they pulled in, got out, and one minute they were walking in England.. (photo with mum to prove it) the next they were in Scotland! Big Ted wanted his photo taken again to PROVE he was in Scotland, so he asked a wee Scottish boy called Kane to help him ( Big Ted is too small to stand on his own) Kane was happy to help, but he didn't smile... it isn't cool to smile while holding Big Ted you know!

Big Ted has decided he wants to see more of Scotland, that is a trip for next year!

Whilst looking at the maps Big Ted spotted an island called Lindisfarne, he thought he would like to go there because his owner (mum) is called Lyndis too! So.... back they went to The Motorhome and they headed North-East for 46 miles.. Big Ted WAS have fun exploring PLACES !

Big Ted was speechless... he thought he was old at 54!!! but what he learnt on Lindisfarne, also known as Holy Island, amazed him. There were ruins of a priory that was founded in 635AD !!! and a Holy Man named St Cuthbert lived and died there! Part of the ruin was an amazing archway known as the Rainbow arch....  Big Ted thinks it should be renamed The Big Ted Arch... what do you think?

Big Ted also watched a live play which was a reenactment of the history of the priory and he was honoured to be invited to take a role in Act 4 scene 3. Big Ted thinks he may have a future as a Thespian! And he liked the after scene hugs too!

Big Ted was starting to get tired, he thought he had found somewhere to sleep, but it appeared that the 
"stairs to the Dormitory" were not quite what he thought, so it was time to head back to the motorhome

On the way back to the campsite Big Ted gazed out of the window happily, he was very pleased he was not packed away in a box, very pleased indeed.... he couldn't WAIT to see where he would be going next........

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